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Bottoms/Accessories not included!

Latex Thickness: 0.4mm
Short dress with attached collar and chain with zipper down back!

Please do not purchase latex if you have an allergen to rubber!
Latex also requires some tinder, loving care to wear it and store it properly!

Latex Care Instructions
  • After removing items from bag, place in a clean container of lukewarm water. Add just a few drops of liquid soap (we recommend Prell) to remove traces of talcum powder which is applied by the manufacturer prior to shipping.
  • Once item has been cleaned, dry with a soft towel or allow it to air dry. DO NOT use any source of natural or artificial heat, as this will damage/melt the latex. Keep items out of direct sunlight as both of these conditions can cause the item to dry out and crack.
  • After the item has dried, it is now ready to wear. We recommend that the item be first worn before applying silicone based lubricant (we recommend using "Wet Platinum" which we have provided a sample of with your purchase) to give your item the high latex shine. To more easily get into your garment, you can lather lightly in silicone based lube or powder up with baby powder (but this gets messy).
  • After item is removed from body, wash again in warm water with a few drops of liquid soap, to remove the body acids and perspiration that can deteriorate the rubber. Let dry, re-apply talcum powder and place in black bag (a glad bag is excellent for this).
  • Store in a cool, dark place (a basement or downstairs closet is best) to preserve the item for longer wear and enjoyment.