Theodora Collar

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When your Mistress slips past that beaded curtain in the dim twilight of a French Quarter storefront, dark magic whispers silken promises past your ears, making your breath catch and your heart pound. With the scarlet band of Theodora's BDSM choker holding you collar -bound between raven-black wingtips and rivers of jet-black crystal, you are transformed - the unmasked belle of a Mardi Gras masquerade, ma cher! What will *you* do for beads...?


Collar- you get one collar
Cuffs- You get a pair of cuffs (2 cuffs, one for each wrist)
2- Piece sets- Collar & Leash- One collar and one leash
3 Piece set- Collar & Cuffs-
4 piece set- Collars & cuffs & leash
5 Piece set- Collar & Wrist Cuffs & Ankle Cuffs
6 piece set- Collar & Wrist Cuffs & Ankle Cuffs & LEASH
Small Collar: 10.5 - 15.5"
Medium Collar: 14.5 - 17.5"
Large Collar: 16.5-20.5"
S/M Cuffs: 5.5 -6.75"
L/XL Cuffs: 7-9"
Ankle Cuffs: 9-10"


Adjustable "snaps" or "Locking post with Locks'' closure available. Please note that Locking Post option includes heart lock and 2 keys.
Available Upgrades:
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Leather Upgrades: Lamb Skin Lining, Vegan Leather
Materials: black patent leather collar, leather, o ring, satin, locking post, snaps, venice lace, black lace, silver ring, white organza ruffle, nickle plated d and o ring, organza, liquid nymph