Patrice Kitty Collar

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Understated versatility serves well in this new, slimmer choker design. The Vine latigo leather used in our collars and cuffs are just as durable as our previous designs while the narrower cut exposes just a little more skin, allowing the charming Vine lace to cut a stunning contrast across the intended's neck. The optional hardware is riveted into place, ensuring that you can embrace your femme side and still enjoy some necessary roughness.


Collar- you get one collar
Cuffs- You get a pair of cuffs (2 cuffs, one for each wrist)
2- Piece sets- Collar & Leash- One collar and one leash 
3 Piece set- Collar & Cuffs- 
4 piece set- Collars & cuffs & leash
5 Piece set- Collar & Wrist Cuffs & Ankle Cuffs
6 piece set- Collar & Wrist Cuffs & Ankle Cuffs & LEASH
Small Collar: 10.5 - 15.5"
Medium Collar: 14.5 - 17.5"
Large Collar: 16.5-20.5"
S/M Cuffs: 5.5 -6.75"
L/XL Cuffs: 7-9"
Ankle Cuffs: 9-10"


Adjustable "snaps" or "Locking post with Locks'' closure available. Please note that Locking Post option includes heart lock and 2 keys.
Available Upgrades:
Click HERE to add Liquid Nymph upgrades.
Leather Upgrades: Lamb Skin Lining, Vegan Leather