Leather Corset, Noble Style II

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This second noble style corset is made of soft lambskin leather and has an inner cloth lining. When closed, the front has six stable silver hooks and eyes while on the back is a continuous lacing guided by many silver eyelets. Under the lacing is a provided firm leather flap which can be removed for a different look. A visual highlight are the three laces that tie in front near the bosom. Incorporated into the corset are 10 solid metal bars that ensures the perfect hourglass figure. A small but fine detail are the 4 small eyelets that have been sewn inside the bottom of the corset where if necessary you can attach suspenders (suspenders are not included with the corset). The total length of the corset is about 40cm in front and on the back is about 32cm.
If you'd like to stand out from the crowd, we provide different colors as well!


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