Corset Dress II

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Sizes below are in centimeters!


This is a very fine leather corset dress made of super soft lambskin. the dress is closed in front by six stable silver hooks and eyes. Following is a continuous lacing. On the back of a continuous lacing is incorporated, this being guided by many silver eyelets. Under the lacing provides an approximately 49 cm long firmer leather cloth, which can be removed if necessary, for a great look. By 4 double solid rods that were rundherrum incorporated into the dress, a very good fit is achieved. A Superpaßform is also achieved by the incorporated breast cups. The dress and the seams were very high quality, it has inside a fabric lining, thus a very high wearing comfort. The total length of the dress is front about 87 cm and on the back about 78 cm.


*Also available in sizes 40in/54cm-44in/58cm & custom sizes for an extra cost, as well as other colors not listed! Please contact us for special requests before placing a custom order! Thank you!