Watersports; Transformation

The rubber pussy is made out of the genuine, natural latex in about 1 mm thickness, smells naturally sweet and is soft.There is a urinary, vaginal and anal opening. For pleasant wearing the rubber pussy is lined inside with soft Latex.    

The Rubber Cunt is available in three variants:

  1. Natural
  2. With Latex Piss Bladder: Close the Piss Cartridge to the rubber pussy and
    let the pussy piss out of the cartridge as much and as long as you want
  3. Latex Penis Piss Sheath: Slip into the penis sheath, connect it with the urethra of the rubber pussy and piss out of the rubber pussy

All pussy-variants can be ordered with different rubber pants upon special request:

  1. Panty for Her and Him
  2. Slip for Him and Her
  3. Tight Bermuda for Him and Her

Please contact us before placing a special pants order so that we can work with you on getting the rubber pussy of your dreams;

Email Us: theblackroomlv@yahoo.com


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